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Advisor to Principal Designer




EBSG offers a category of membership to suit the specific needs of Architects who need to act as Principal Designer (PD) under CDM 2015.  EBSG are pleased to announce the provision of a consultant providing advice to duty holders in order to comply with CDM 2015.  Advisor to the Principal Designer membership is designed for the client/Architect who is commissioning building or construction work.  Safety advice will be offered to the duty holder through the scheme and EBSG services will be enhanced for the small builders.  Costs will be project related and available by quotation terms.


Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) came into force on the 6th April 2015.

The key aim of CDM 2015 is to integrate health and safety into the management and design of any construction project, encouraging all parties to work together, and for health and safety considerations to be treated as an essential but normal part of a project development.

EBSG can now offer the service of Advisor to the PD and will include some or all of the following depending on the type and size of the project:
· EBSG will accompany the PD or his team at meetings
· Initial client meeting to explain duties imposed under CDM 2015
· Initial F10 submitted to HSE
· Production of Pre-construction Information Pack
· Contract/designer competence review
· Updated F10 submitted to HSE
· Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan review
· Completion of Health & Safety File

Other services on request:
· Monthly site inspections on behalf of the client
· Project meeting attendance

Principal Designer Advisor Consultancy Fees

You choose the service you want - a pick and pay scheme. 
PD Advisor Fee Schedule form - click here.
A contract will be drawn up to reflect the level of professional services agreed and be dependent on a projected time for the project and involvement required.

Note: A Group membership fee will be required by non-members.

For details on HSE's client's guidance click here.
For details of HSE's Principal Designer's guidance click here.

CDM 2015 Review - The new guidance - click here.

Pre-construction Client Checklist

1. Are you clear about responsibilities?
2. Have you made your formal appointments?
3. Have you checked that the Principal Designer or Designer has the capability and necessary skills, knowledge, training and experience to fulfil their duties?
4. Have you checked that the Principal Contractor or contractor has the capability and necessary skills, knowledge, training and experience to fulfil their duties?
5. Have you checked that the project team is adequately resourced?
 6. Has a project or client brief been issued to the project team? 
 7. Has the project team been provided with information about the existing site or structure (pre-construction information)? 
 8. Has project specific health and safety advice been sought? 
 9. Are suitable arrangements in place to manage health and safety throughout the project?
 10. Has a schedule of the key activities for the project been produced? 
 11. Has sufficient time been allowed to complete the key activities? 
 12. Where required, has an online F10 notification form been submitted to the HSE to notify them of commencement of work? 
 13. Have you checked that a construction phase plan has been adequately developed before work starts on site? 
 14. Are you satisfied that suitable welfare facilities have been provided before work starts on site? 
 15. Have you agreed the format and content of the health and safety file? 

Construction Phase Plan Information Required

Information required for the preparation of a Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan:

.  Site address with description of work to be carried out
.  Site start date
.  Period of construction (as stated on the F10)
.  Project directory - name, address, contact name, email, phone and mobile nos. for:
   -   Architect
   -   Principal designer
   -   Client
   -   Client's agent
   -   Structural consultant
   -   Electrical consultant
   -   Principal contractor
.  Asbestos survey
.  Site manager - name and contact number
.  Contract manager - name and contact number
.  Design risks
.  Pre-construction information pack
.  Nearest NHS (A&E) hospital
.  Delivery time restrictions and routes (avoid sensitive areas or schools etc.)
.  Work time restrictions
.  Plans of exisiting services to site (electric, gas, telecom, water and sewer)
.  A proposed plan of fire routes
.  A proposed plan of the site set up



To become a member, the membership form can be completed online.

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Membership is required to fulfil the Safety Group's constituion and legal taxation status.